Self Service Laundry

Self Service Laundry
Arvada, Colorado

Hours 6am-10pm – last wash at 9pm

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FasCard Loyalty Program

(laundry card is same as cash—cannot be refunded)

1. Purchase a FasCard Laundry Card from the vending machine up front

2. OR download the FasCard App

3. Load money on FasCard Laundry Card or your FasCard App: *Load FasCard Laundry Card at the Kiosk with Cash or Credit/Debit Card *OR load FasCard Laundry Card at any machine with Credit/Debit Card *OR Load FasCard App with your Credit/Debit Card through the App


QR Code for Arvada Laundry WHXDSQ Load $15 get $1 extra
Load $20 get $2 extra
Load $30 get $3 extra

Store Code: WHXDSQ

Welcome to Arvada Laundry Laundromat! 

We take pride in providing you with a well-lit, clean, safe and comfortable environment to clean those dirty clothes.  We also offer very large washers and dryers for your larger loads or household items such as comforters, bedspreads, mattress pads, sleeping bags and rugs. 

We are a coin operated facility, but our machines also accept credit and debit cards, our own pre-paid loyalty cards and payment by FasCard App. if you don’t want to carry around all those quarters! We have tons of parking for your convenience.